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What We Offer

In collaboration with Jumeirah Creekside Hotel we strive to foster your imagination while you paint, dine and connect. 

Create your very own masterpiece, surrounded with tons of elevating energies, each brushstroke will make your happiness grow as your masterpiece unfolds in front of you, with absolutely no painting experience required as we provide all the guidance & inspiration you may need. 

Whether you’re coming in to spend the day or to truly exploit your talent, you’ll find those warm, artistic & zen vibes complemented with an exceptional dining experience.

Our Beliefs & The Science Behind it

As the sun colors, illuminates & nourishes our lives so does art...

Art in general is unquestionably one of the purest elements in human happiness & in particular painting to me is a pleasant form of meditation it takes you on a journey back to the You that you came into the world to be.
Interesting Studies led by psychologists & neuroscientists confirm that painting is an all-brain exercise, strengthening the mind by triggering dopamine & serotonin in your body, spending time indulging your creative spirit is basically aerobics for your brain! As it turns out, not only is painting an enjoyable activity, but it’s incredibly good for your mental health & wellbeing!