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a "Today well lived makes every yesterday
a memory of happiness and
every tomorrow a vision of hope."
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Created with passion & love, Innate Artist Gallery  is an experience & an inspiring space of reawakening your inner creativity to self discovery, reconnecting with your soul by being totally in the present moment through our painting events & a lot more at Jumeirah Creekside Hotel.
Come to life and share moments of pure happiness, fun & sense of achievement with like minded people.

Paint, Breathe & Savour ....

In collaboration with Jumeirah Creekside Hotel we strive to foster your imagination while you paint, dine & connect.
We design painting events for every occasion & taste, from Public Creative Dining Experiences, 
Corporate Events to Mindfulness Retreats or personalized Private Gatherings.
So either you are a beginner or a master; a marvelous time is waiting for you complemented with an exceptional dining experience,leaving you with tons of elevating memories & a masterpiece to hang on your wall or as a gift to your dear one...

 Dine & Paint

Afternoon Vibes

Mindfulness Painting

Three Days Acrylic Painting Workshop

Private & Corporate Events

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