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Afternoon Tea

Get those artistic afternoon vibes while you paint and enjoy a free flowing afternoon tea either with a choice of a tea selection or  bottomless bubbles & variation of delicious canapés.

Each brushstroke will make your happiness grow as your masterpiece unfolds in front of you with absolutely no painting experience required, as we provide all the guidance & inspiration you may need.

So either you are a master or a beginner an exceptional time is waiting for you ...

Brunch & Paint

Looking to try something different from the usual brunch format?

 Innate Artist is a brunch with a twist, get those artistic vibes while you enjoy the Pots & Boards brunch by Nomad Restaurant, from 1pm to 3pm, then immerse yourself in a mindful painting experience from 3pm to 6pm.

This event is aimed for all the levels, you don’t need any prior painting experience,the Artist Mrs.Caine will be present to guide you step by step through the artistic process until you see your masterpiece unfolding in front of you...